The Scout Patch Program is Winner of the Florida Festival and Events Association for 2006! Best Community Partnership!

In Conjunction with the BROWARD COUNTY GIRL/BOY SCOUTS, 16th Century, Inc proudly offers the “FLORIDA RENAISSANCE FESTIVAL PATCH PROGRAM”


Please print the scout patch requirement form, found on page 5 of the Scout Patch Booklet, and bring it with you when you attend. You will need it to complete the program!

This GSAC approved program is the only one of its kind in the nation. The goal of this interactive program is to teach the scouts about a time when life didn’t include electricity or grocery stores, let alone cell phones, computers or Nike sneakers. As part of our commitment to our community, leaders of a troupe consisting of 10 or more scouts are admitted FREE to our Festival, making it affordable to all. Our program draws hundreds of scouts from all over Florida and as far as New York.

In preparation for your arrival, please print the Scout Packet and have 1 copy available for your troupe. We recommend that the troupe wear identifying clothing, T-shirts, scout uniform, or the like (Scout uniform not required).

When you arrive, the troupe must proceed to the front gates and inform of their participation in the Scout Program. You will then be directed to the Information Booth, where they will be received by the Scout Program Coordinator, Alan Koral, who will lead the troupe to beginning destination.

Once inside the gates, the scouts spend the next 4 – 5 hours immersing themselves in the daily life of the 16th Century. They start out with one mandatory activity. They must visit the various encampments in the village which will have a sign identifying them as part of the scout patch program and observe what daily life was like during the Renaissance period. At these encampments the scouts will be presented with demonstrations (many of them will be hands on) of activities such as blacksmithing, weaving, and games of the period. The villagers will also take great delight in regaling the scouts about life in the Renaissance and what it was like to be a lowly peasant or a wealthy spice trader or merchant and will even explain how the life of the nobility wasn’t always easy! We invite the scouts to take notes and ask questions and we hope they will acquire an appreciation for the rich history of this era.

Next, they have a choice of at least four optional activities, chosen from a list of numerous stage shows and demonstrations. These offer a glimpse into how people entertained themselves prior to television or radio. The activities include; watching mounted live steel jousting, playing board and card games favored by the nobility of that time, or courtly dancing accompanied by the village musicians. Some of the activities, such as the birds of prey demonstration or the apothecary re-enactment, display skills that were essential to daily survival in this era. They are also encouraged to do an age appropriate craft, such as creating a treasure chest, a stained glass candle or a pirate hat. Once the scouts have completed the required activities, they are free to enjoy the rest of the day as our guests.

At the end of the day, they leave with their Florida Renaissance Festival Scout Patch and their workbook full of ideas and instructions for ongoing education about this fascinating period. In the end, they’ve learned much and had wondrous fun in the process. As one patch-laden scout recently informed us, “It’s the coolest patch program ever!!”


  • A minimum of 6 scouts in a troupe!
  • 1 leader for every 10 scouts are in FREE! (Additional leaders or leaders for troupes smaller than 10 scouts must pay regular admission)
  • Additional leaders must pay adult ticket price
  • We welcome Boy Scouts & Girl Scouts alike!!

Scouts will meet outside of the festival main gate and will be escorted to the Scout Program Coordinator at the information booth to begin their quest. Scouts must then use their Scout Booklet (must print and bring with them to the festival, one per scout) to visit Encampments, enjoy demonstrations and get hints to answer their booklet questionnaires! After completing their packets, scouts will be tested on their Renaissance knowledge before being issued their Florida Renaissance Festival Scout Patch!!

The Scout Patch Registration Form is in Adobe .pdf format. Please click here to view and print the form. (You may also right-click and “save target as” to save the file on your hard drive.) To get the most benefit from the program please download the Scout Patch Program Booklet.

Download the FAQ Sheet here

Email our Scout Patch Coordinator at