2018 Florida Renaissance Festival Themed Weekends – COMING SOON

Embark on an adventure as the Florida Renaissance Festival transforms to bring you Renaissance Around the World! Discover new dimensions of entertainment and flavors as you visit 7 distinct areas of the world and encounter a portrayal of their Renaissance era!

Weekend I : “ Swashbucklers & Sirens ” (Pirates)

Dates: Feb. 11th & 12th

Swashbucklers & Sirens

Debark at your own risk and be weary of land sickness during our opening weekend where the village is overrun with mateys and scallywags. Anyone not prepared for a “salty” good time will be sent to walk the plank.

Weekend II : “Time Travelers” (Steampunk)

Dates: Feb. 18th & 19th & 20th (Monday Feb. 20th President’s Day)

Time Travelers

You won’t need a passport to travel through time during Time Travelers’ Weekend. This weekend is dedicated to adventurers across the centuries and embodies the spirit of recreating the past, symbolic of the entire festival. Open on President’s Day, Monday February 20th!

Weekend III : “Carnivale Masquerade” (NEW Theme)

Dates: Feb. 25th & 26th

Carnivale Masquerade

Everywhere you turn, peering eyes from behind a mask let you know that it’s Masquerade Weekend. Unleash your inhibitions behind the anonymity of delicately detailed masks, historic costumes and intriguing disguises! The Masquerade will keep your secrets, until you divulge your identity!

Weekend IV : “ Bodacious Bodices” (Wenches)

Dates: March 4th & 5th

Bodacious Bodices

Behind every good man is a wench in the trench. Wenches Weekend celebrates the women of the Renaissance with hourglass curves and fiery attitudes who can go toe-to-toe with their male counterparts.

Weekend V : “Taste of the Festival” (NEW Theme)

Dates: March 11th & *12th (*=Daylight Savings Time Change )

Taste of the Festival

Eat and drink your way through the Renaissance during Taste of FLARF Weekend. It’s a feast fit for a King as you indulge in foods reminiscent of the era such as hearty turkey legs, Scotch eggs, Sheppard’s Pie and an assortment of delectable desserts. Wash it all down with traditional mead and aromatic wines.

Weekend VI : ” Kilts & Colleens “ (Celtic)

Dates: March 18th & 19th

Kilts & Colleens

Sing and dance along to Irish, Scottish and English tunes throughout the Shire during Celtic Weekend. Don your finest kilt while bagpipes blare. This weekend is a must for anyone who wants to embrace and celebrate their Celtic heritage!

Weekend VII :”Viking Barbarian” (Viking)

Dates: March 25th & 26th

Viking Barbarian

Viking and Barbarians Weekend is when you and your Norwegian brothers and sisters can wave your battleaxes while covered in leather and fur, yelling with the fury of Odin. Only the strongest and most courageous warriors will make it through our final weekend!