2020 Florida Renaissance Festival Themed Weekends !

Suspended between Myth and History, the Award-Winning Florida Renaissance Festival offers a Kaleidoscope of cultural and educational, delightful and Exciting Experiences for All Ages, that allows you to create Memories that will last a Lifetime  !

Weekend I : The Tudors – Henry VIII…He’s Back!

Dates: February 8th & 9th

NEW! The Tudors-Henry VIII…He’s Back!

We welcome you back to another Season of Romance, Intrigue and Adventure ! It’s the 28th Season of our Festival and we’ve decided to go back to the beginning with the undisputed King of the Renaissance, King Henry VIII. He’s back and he’s better than ever ,bringing New and Exciting Entertainments, Flavorful Feasts, Merry Music, Delightful Diversions and Wonderful Wares of Artistry and Craftsmanship! King Henry and his lovely and clever wife Anne, Princess of Cleves and Queen of England ,both bid you Welcome to the Renaissance !

Weekend II : Vikings- A Warrior’s Weekend !

Dates: February 15th & 16th

Vikings-A Warrior’s Weekend!

Only the Strongest and Most Courageous Warriors will brave through this weekend. Norwegian brothers and sisters emerge from the mist on an icy wind, battleaxes in hand, donned in leather and fur during this Chilling Weekend.

Weekend III : Time Traveler’s- A Revolution of Invention !

Dates: February 22nd & 23rd

Time Travelers- A Revolution of Invention!

If you like donning a top hat, vest, breeches, and monocle, then board your favorite 18th-Century submarine or fantasy-like hot air balloon and zoom for this weekend which is Dedicated to Adventurers Across the Centuries ! Bring your brassie Victorian “gears” and join us for A “Steampunkin’” Good Time!

Weekend IV : NEW! Heroes & Villains-The Eternal Struggle! !

Dates: February 29th & March 1st

Heroes & Villains-The Eternal Struggle !

The Warriors of the Light and the Armies of Darkness wander the village this weekend. Will Chaos reign and Wickedness rule, or will Good Fortune and the Kindness of Man prevail? Are you a Hero or a Villain? Are you an Angel, a Demon, a Saint, a Sinner, an Innocent, or an Imp? It’s all your choice on how you Play the Game. Do you look great in spandex and do you like to wear a cape,or do you favor black and mutter about your sinister plot to take over the world?  It’s all about two sides of the same coin, and remember that without the darkness we would never see the Light.

Weekend V : Swashbucklers & Sirens !

Dates: March 7th & 8th

Swashbucklers & Sirens

Arghhh Me Heaties, there be Pirates afoot ! Buccaneers and Scalleyways be invadin’ our village ! T’will be a rowdy and rollickin’ goode time here by the waters edge ! Sirens will be serenadin’ young men, whilst seafarin’ Captians will be looking ta sell their goods and hire new First Mates ! Might Ye be the next ?

Weekend VI:Highland Fling-A Celtic Celebration!

Dates: March 14th & 15th

Highland Fling-A Celtic Celebration!

Sing, Dance and Be Merry in your finest kilt whilst bagpipes blare throughout the Shire ! Celebrate the Celtic Traditions of the Irish, Scots, Cornish and Welsh during this Uniquely-Themed Weekend that honors The Peoples of the Isles.

Weekend VII : Potter’s Witches & Wizards – A Magical Finale!

Dates: March 21st & 22nd

Potter’s Witches & Wizards- A Magical Finale !

Muggles, Witches,Wizards and Fantasy Creatures will abound in the Village  for Our Final Weekend ! Magic ,Beauty,and Wonder will fill the air! “Expecto Patronum!”B ring your Patronus and “Wingardium Leviosa !” your butt off the couch!  You don’t want to miss out on This Most Magical Weekend !