2018 Florida Renaissance Festival Themed Weekends

Embark on an adventure as the Florida Renaissance Festival transforms to bring you Renaissance Around the World! Discover new dimensions of entertainment and flavors as you visit 7 distinct areas of the world and encounter a portrayal of their Renaissance era!

Weekend I : “ Swashbucklers & Sirens ” (Pirates)

Dates: Feb. 10th & 11th

Swashbucklers & Sirens

Shiver me timbers! This Pirate-themed opening weekend sees our village overrun with buccaneers and scallywags. Unearth the mysteries of the sea as sirens lure sailors and pirates alike. Anyone not prepared for a “salty” good time will be sent to walk the plank.

Weekend II : “Time Travelers” (Steampunk)

Dates: Feb. 17th & 19th

Time Travelers

If you like donning a top hat, vest, breeches, and monocle, then board your favorite 18th-century submarine or fantasy-like hot air balloon and zoom for this weekend dedicated to adventurers across the centuries. Bring your brassies Victorian “gears” and join us for “Steampunkin’” good time! Open on President’s Day, Monday February 19th!

Weekend III :”Vikings and Barbarians” (Viking)

Dates: Feb. 24th & 25th

Vikings and Barbarians

Only the strongest and most courageous warriors will brave through this weekend. Norwegian brothers and sisters emerge from the mist on an icy wind, battleaxes in hand, donned in leather and fur during this chilling weekend.

Weekend IV : “Bodacious Bodices & Wenches ” (Wenches)

Dates: March 3rd & 4th

Bodacious Bodices

Behind every good man is a wench in the trench. Wenches Weekend celebrates the women of the Renaissance with hourglass curves and firey attitudes who can go toe-to-toe with their male counterparts.

Weekend V : “International Weekend”

Dates: Mar. 10th & 11th

International Weekend

Yet another newly themed weekend! International Weekend celebrates all the exotic cultures that influenced the Renaissance in Europe through exploration and trade. From the Ottoman Empire to the Arabian peninsula, from Africa to the Orient, Polynesia and the New World, this weekend weaves in the impact that other exotic cultures left on this magnificent period.

Weekend VI : ” Kilts & Colleens “ (Celtic)

Dates: March 17th & 18th

Kilts & Colleens

Sing, dance and be merry in your finest kilt whilst bagpipes blare throughout the Shire. Celebrate the Celtic traditions of the Irish, Scots, Cornish and Welsh during this uniquely themed weekend that honors this group of European tribes that existed during the Iron Age through Medieval Times!

Weekend VII : “Witches, Warlocks and all about Harry Potter ”

Dates: March 17th & *18th

Witches, Warlocks and all about Harry Potter

Expecto Patronum! Bring on your baddest Patronus and chase away pesky dementors during this final themed weekend! Only the most magical witches and wizards in the village can conquer that which should not be mentioned! Wingardium Leviosa your butt off the couch as you won’t want to miss out on this most magical weekend. Muggles are welcome!