Thank you for your interest in the Florida Renaissance Festival!

We have a very aggressive Marketing Campaign, including extensive Television and Radio Advertising, Ticket Giveaways, and an Advanced Ticket Sales Program. We anticipate a Festival Season that surpasses all others!

If you wish to participate in The Florida Renaissance Festival for the first time, please do the following:
Please include in an email to
~ Pictures of your Tent Set-up and All Items you intend to sell
~ Please indicate what percentage of your items are Handmade by you
~ Write a brief summary of similar Fairs in which you have participated
~ Your Name and Phone Number

We take pride in the quality of vendors and products offered at our Festival! Although we do not guarantee exclusivity, we try our best to avoid having many vendors with the same craft or product. This ensures our vendors a great opportunity to succeed and provides our patrons lots of exciting crafts to browse! In order to accomplish this, we require a Jury Form from each and every vendor, updated each year, with photographs of their product and/or services.

Once you are Pre-approved,or if you are a Returning loyal Vendor,
please go to Event Hub ( ) to Create Your Account.
Then complete the Application and process your Payment as well.
There will be no need to mail any paperwork, All documents need to be submitted Electronically!
For Technical Support, please contact by email at

Your Account Profile requires you to upload a Picture of your Tent.

As part of the Booking Process the following documents must be completed:
1.Important Vendor Information:You must review this document and Mark It As
by clicking on the “envelope” icon.
Vendor Agreement:To secure your (Paid) Booth at our Festival, it is
imperative that you “e-sign” your Agreement!
3.Vendor Pass Registration:Please complete and Sign the Vendor Pass Registration.
Remember there is a Maximum of (4) Passes per Booth or (2) per Cart, including Owner and/or Manager.
Jury Form:This form must be Thoroughly completed Every year,listing Every Item
you are requesting to sell.(This applies to Every Vendor, Every Year, even if your merchandise
is the same as in previous years.)
5.Florida Renaissance Festival,LLC Certificate of Insurance: Your must Upload your COI as
soon as you renew your policy ! If not submitted,this is one item that can disqualify you from FAST PASS status!
You will not be allowed to open your Booth without your COI uploaded !
6.Camping Form :This applies to Vendors who are camping. If you are Not camping, please
acknowledge the “read receipt”, by clicking on the “envelope” icon.

The Total Amount due for both Booth Fees and Camping Fees, must be Paid In Full Before the cut-off date of your choice. For those who missed the opportunity of saving $100 before October 1st (of the current year), All Fees must be Paid In Full Before the Last Friday of December(of the current year). accepts the following payment methods:Visa,MasterCard,Discover or American Express.
A 3% credit card Processing Fee will be added to all credit card payments. Those who prefer, may Mail a check to our office : Florida Renaissance Festival, LLC ,800 NW 57th Place, Fort Lauderdale,FL 33309. Based on your choice of payment date, consider mail-delay in your timing !
Make your check payable to: FLORIDA RENAISSANCE FESTIVAL,LLC


  • Please complete the Broward County Vendor Permit Application.
    It must be submitted Electronically through the Broward County website using the following URL
    You will need this Vendor Code: E66ADD.
    In addition,you must submit to Them a mandatory COI.
    Please download the Sample Certificate of Insurance, click here!FOOD VENDOR APPLICATION PROCESS:
    (Food Vendors by Invitation Only)
    All current Food Vendors must follow the same Vendor Application Process listed above, with the exception of two unique steps.
    STEP 1: Complete and return the Food Vendor Application sent to you bu email
    STEP 2:Prepare your Money Order for the State Department of Health inspections on opening day. The State Health Inspector will collect $105 per booth during your inspection.CAMPING ON SITE:
    Do you or your employees need to secure Camping?
    Please complete one (1) Camping Form for each tent, R.V. or space needed and submit it to us along with Full Payment of Camping Fees in advance. Payment in Full must be received by the Festival before you will be issued a Camping Space; you may not set-up camping until it is received by us. Download Camping Form Here.Are you a part of an Entertainment and need to secure Camping?
    Please download the Entertainment Camping Form here. You must complete the Entertainment Camping Form and submit it to the Festival Administration Office along with Full Payment of Camping Fees in advance.