A Merry-Making Adventure with Great Beer!

Greetings Thirsty Ones! Our Village Pub Tour Guides will eagerly take you on our Most Popular Tour of all time, “The Pub Crawl of Legend”! Join the Legendary Duo of The Duke of Norfolk “Grand Master of Cultural Festivities”, and his Spanish Compatriot and partner-in-crime Don Pedro on a Fun, Frivolous, Fantastic Tour of the Village of Kimmendale! Expect a Hilarious Adventure filled with Camaraderie, Jocularity and Beer! You will face the Ultimate Challenge in joining them in the ranks of “Master or Mistress Drunkard” by sampling the Fynest Ales throughout the Realm! Be warned, you will have a goode old-fashioned Bawdy Tyme! Journey with them in “Merry-Making” to FIVE Pubs and enjoy a Different Libation (10oz cup) at each one!

Nothing goes better with Goode Drink than Goode Company! So Bring your Fyne Friends, Family Members (Adults Only! Children and babies are not allowed to bring along), Comrades In Arms, and even Casual Acquaintances, and Get Ready for a Rowdy Drinkin’ Goode Tyme!

The Pub Crawl leaves Twice daily from the Information Booth at the Main Entrance, stepping off at 1:00pm and again at 3:30pm. Tickets are available at the Box Office located just outside the Main Entrance. Tour Price is $35.00/per person and includes FIVE Beers (10oz cups)! All participants Must be 21 years or older with Valid ID. (Reminder: Adult Admission to the Festival must be purchased separately) (No children or babies please!)