Themed Weekends and Specialty Acts

Florida Renaissance Festival Themed Weekends!

Suspended between Myth and History, the Award-Winning Florida Renaissance Festival offers a Kaleidoscope of cultural and educational, delightful and exciting experiences for all ages, that allows you to create memories that will last a Lifetime!

Weekend I: Pirates - A Swashbuckling Adventure!

Dates: February 4th & 5th

Well Met me Hearties to Pirates, Buccaneers and Scallywags all! We invite you to Come Aboard and set sail for a rollicking good time here at the Quiet Waters edge. The Port and Village of Kimmendale hosts the annual festival of Music and Merriment, and our Pirate Crew welcomes you to a Magnificent Merchant Marketplace with Wonderous Wares from all corners of the known world, and Diverse Entertainments, with Food and Drink suitable for the Captain, the Commodore, his Crew and You! Raise a tankard and cry “Land Ho, Here there be Fun!” Arghhh!

Weekend II: Vikings - A Warrior's Weekend!

Dates: February 11th & 12th
They come, roaring through the Icy Mists of the Far North in longboats and flame. World Travelers, Explorers and Conquerors, these brave warriors and protectors established Trade that introduced much of Europe to the goods and customs of far-off cultures. The Vikings are loyal friends but fearsome foes, and they are here in our village this weekend to dominate the day!

Weekend III: Steampunk/Time Traveler’s – The Evolution of Invention

Dates: February 18th & 19th

The Unexpected is never a surprise on Steampunk Weekend! All of Time and Space converge at the crossroads of Literature and Technology in this clever and confusing Weekend of Wonder. We celebrate a past that never was and a future that might never be. All things are possible in the fertile fields of Imagination and Invention in the Village of Kinmmendale. It’s an Adventure that spans the Centuries!

Weekend IV: The Wonderful World of Wenches – A Beautiful Empowerment!

Dates: February 25th & 26th

For Wenches Weekend we honor and celebrate all the Glorious Goddesses in our lives. This is the weekend we recognize All the Wonderful Women who “get it done”, that Council of Caregivers who are our wives, sisters, daughters and mothers, as well as those magnificent and incomprehensible Muses who inspire poetry, music and art. It is with deepest respect and heartfelt affection that all men of the Village should Bow to these beauties, to demonstrate our utter dependence and submission to those who inhabit our hearts and inspire our actions!

Weekend V: Heroes and Villains – A Cosplay Carnival!

Dates: March 4th & 5th

The Warriors of Light and the Armies of Darkness wander the Village this weekend. Will Chaos reign or will Good Fortune prevail? Do you desire to step out of your life and into your favorite Animation? It’s all in how you play the Game of Life. Are you a Hero or a Villain? Do you like to wear spandex and a cape, or do you favor black and mutter about your sinister plot to take over the world? It’s all about two sides of the same coin.  Just remember, that without the Darkness we would never notice the Light.

Weekend VI: Highland Fling – A Celtic Celebration!

Dates: March 11th & 12th

Eat, Drink and Be Merry as we revel in the Mysteries and Magnificence of the Celtic Nations of Scotland, Ireland, Cornwall, Brittany and Wales with their Rich Traditions of music, dance, stories and superstitions. On Saint Patty’s Day, everybody is Irish, so wear something green, grab a pint, kiss your best Lad or Lassie, and celebrate the heather-covered beauty of the Isles of the North!

Weekend VII: Potter’s Magical Finale – A Frolic of Faeries!

Dates: March 18th & 19th

Harry Potter, the Staff of Hogwarts, and all Magical Academies of higher learning issue an Invitation to Angels, Elves, Fairies, Ghosts, Goblins, Imps, Nymphs, Ogres, Pixies, Sirens and Zombies, and the Magicians, Druids, Sorcerers, Students, Saints, Wizards, and Witches who summon them. We cast a benevolent spell and call forth a Magical Finale to our Festival. The Unseen World is all around us with the Blessings of Enchantment and Empowerment. Whether you are a Gryffindor, a Hufflepuff, a Ravenclaw or a Slytherin, all are invited and welcomed to our Magical Village where Imagination Rules!