Themed Weekends and Specialty Acts

2023 Florida Renaissance Festival Themed Weekends!

Suspended between Myth and History, the Award-Winning Florida Renaissance Festival offers a Kaleidoscope of cultural and educational, delightful and exciting experiences for all ages, that allows you to create memories that will last a Lifetime!

Weekend I: The Wizarding World's Faire - A Magical Grand Opening!

Dates: February 4th & 5th

The tales of old magic and the mystical arts are not only true but still very much alive. Experience the wonderful world of magic with us as we set our eyes upon wizards, warlocks, witches, and more! Celebrating the grand opening of our festival, we’ll get to see a world in which enchantment not only survives but thrives. Potions of alchemy, casting spells, and a merry of mages are only some of the powerful presentations of magic sure to be present at the festival. The only requirement we hold you to is having a fascination for the fantastical—although a magical cloak wouldn’t hurt. 

Weekend II: Barbarians & Dragons - A Roaring Battle!

Dates: February 11th & 12th

To set our eyes upon lands far away from our own in the call of the conqueror is what makes a true Viking. This weekend is a war of passion and romance- blood spilled and kingdoms sundered in the name of love. The barbarian’s heart is a drumming of axe and shield, the dragon’s heart is a beating of wings on wind. A warrior is a testament to the strength of champions by fighting for the one they love, a world in which dragons fly overhead and warships volley along the coastline. Take up arms to protect your village or mount a monstrous dragon in the hopes of quelling another. This is where the heart of the barbarian is truly formed, in the heat of battle where swords clash, and axes collide. It is now that true loyalty will shine through, and the pact of warriors will stand strong. 

Weekend III: Steampunk & Time Traveler’s - Age of Automation!

Dates: February 18th & 19th

Cogs, nuts, and bolts are the rulers of automation. Enter the Victorian age of industrialization as technology and innovation are rooted in gadgets and steam-powered inventions. Literature and science converge as one as vigilantes and warring factions fill the background of this fantastical world. Locomotives send puffs of steam from their smokestacks up into the air, artificial lightning flows through the inventions of madmen, and the lines between fiction and science begin to blur as the roaring of the city continues well into the night. Imagination is only the beginning of what is conceivable, for the possibilities are endless in this magnificent world of machines. 

Weekend IV: Maiden's, Wenches, & Goddesses - A Beautiful Empowerment!

Dates: February 25th & 26th

Join us in celebrating the women who inspire us all to be fierce warriors, brave adventurers, and mighty explorers. This weekend of empowerment is dedicated to our mothers, wives, sisters, daughters, and all the women who stand at the forefront of what it means to be a hero. Through trials and tribulations, these ladies of the lionheart stand strong and true and showcase to us all the immense strength, fortitude, and tenacity that live within each and every one of these wonderful women. 

Weekend V: Days of Cosplay – Heroes, Villains, and everything in between!

Dates: March 4th & 5th

A valiant hero charged with the protection of the kingdom or a nefarious villain with an agenda of their own—only you can decide whom to support. In this weekend of factions, we invite everybody to throw on their own costume or outfit and join us as we experience a world in which our favorite fantasy comes to life. Whether you cosplay your favorite character in full garb or throw a cowboy hat and some boots on, we welcome all heroes and villains to the stage. Choose a side and show off your fit—it’s always more fun when you dress the part! 

Weekend VI: Pirate Invasion - Swashbucklers & Scallywags!

Dates: March 11th & 12th

Wealth, fame, power. Attain this and everything else the world has to offer on the seven seas will be yours! Leave yer old compass behind, you won’t have to look far for an abundance of thrilling entertainment perfect for pirates of all ages. Prepare the crew for a swashbuckling adventure and climb aboard with all your hopes and dreams for a weekend adventure in search of treasure. Quench your thirst on a wide variety of beer and mead, join a choir of sea shanties, and you’ll find everything you’re looking for. Ready your eye patches and captain hats for this pirate-filled adventure!

Weekend VII: Highland Fling - A Celtic Celebration!

Dates: March 18th & 19th

We welcome you to a weekend of Celtic celebration, as we commemorate all those nations who take pride in their heritage and long-lasting culture. This is a time to explore the wonders and mysteries of Britanny, Cornwall, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and the Isle of Man, along with revering the age-old traditions and folklore of these great civilizations. It wouldn’t be St. Patty’s Day without a whole lot of green, so wear something shamrock-colored, grab a pint and enjoy the day with us! By the way, while kilts aren’t required to enter, we welcome anybody to wear one (bonus points if it’s green). 

Weekend VIII: A Mad Hatter's Circus - A Fairytale Finale!

Dates: March 25th & 26th

Join us on our final weekend of the festival, where you’ll be transported to a world far different than our own, one filled with mystical beasts, fairytale creatures, and much more! This Alice in Wonderland-inspired experience will bring you to the tales of fantasy, where you’ll walk through mirrors out into a world that can only rival that of your own imagination. Perhaps it was a reflection, or maybe it really was a giant teacup that leapt from its platter. In this land, anything is possible, because when a fairytale meets reality, the only limit is what the mirror might reflect.