Food and Drynks

Food and Drynks

The Florida Renaissance Festival proudly presents the Finest Foods and “Drynks” in all the Land! We bring you tasty indulgences so succulent and delightful, our cornucopia of flavor will tantalize your taste buds and make them merry.

Now Offering Vegetarian and Vegan Options!

Here are the Food Vendors that offer either Vegetarian or Vegan options at the festival:

(Please note: They are not vegetarian and vegan-specific vendors)


  • A Kitchen DB
  • Anita’s Empanadas
  • D’Abruzzo
  • C and R Food Concepts
  • Chateau Hibbele
  • CMG Of Miami
  • Dustin’s Pickles
  • Get Baked Potato 
  • Love Chimney Cakes
  • Mels Magickal Meals
  • Mischievous Fish
  • PiFairElf Bakes
  • Promenade Fun Foods
  • Quaker Confections
  • Shawn Grissom
  • SmokeStacks House of BBQs
  • Spirited Splices
  • Fluffy Troll
  • Cheo’s Wings


  • Chateau Hibbele
  • Get Baked Potato 
  • Love Chimney Cakes
  • Mischievous Fish
  • PiFairElf Bakes
  • Shawn Grissom

Disclaimer: Kindly be advised that while we strive to accommodate dietary preferences, we cannot always guarantee the absolute absence of non-vegetarian or non-vegan ingredients due to potential cross-contamination and recipe alterations. There are also menu changes and ingredient substitutions. We encourage patrons to consume at their discretion and to inquire about specific dietary concerns with each specific Food Vendor before ordering. 


Savory Foods Available
C&R Foods
Chicken on Pita and Classic Gyros, Chicken and Beef Shishkebab, Avocado Bowl, Greek Feta Bowls, Quesadillas, Corn on the Cob. Latin Food: Empanadas, Arepas & Smoothies.
Anita's Empanadas
This vendor's booth beckons with a diverse empanada selection!
Mischievous Fish
Fish and chips, clam strips, salmon on a stick, clam fritters, apple fritters, PB&J fitters, pizza fritters, fried mushrooms, tempura veggies, mushroom sandwhich, fish sandwhich, marinated tofu, and a side of fries!
Pathfinder Jerky
Various flavors of exotic jerky meat!
Aprutium Inc.
Tasty italian meat kabobs and pizzelle panino!
Chateau Hibbele
Creme Brule, Charcuterie on a Stick, and Magical Color-Changing Lemondade!
Promenade Fun Foods
Fries, Hot Dogs, Corn Dogs, Hamburger-Cheese Burger, Pretzel, Mashed Potatoes and Gravy, Mac and Cheese, Chicken Finger, Funnel Cake***, Ribbon Fries, Chicken Fingerfry, Rib Stick, Chicken on a stick, Chicken and Mashed Potatoes, Chicken and Mac and Cheese, Mashed Potatoes with Pulled Pork or with Mac and Cheese, Pork Sandwhich, Steak & Onions, Steak, Turkey Legs, Popcorn, Ice Cream***. ***Sweet Treat.
SmokeStacks House of BBQs
Various smoked meats and french fries!
A Kitchen DB LLC
This vendor offers a tantalizing variety of empanadas, from classic beef to Mexican Breakfast, each bite a flavorful adventure in flaky perfection!
CMG of Miami
Fried pork tenderloin sandwhich and sweet potato fries!
Mel's Magickal Meals
Tex-mex Comfort food and More! Scotch Eggs, Tacos, Quesdillas, Texas Chili, Bread Bowls soups/stews, loaded fries/nachos!
Quaker Confections
Spinach/meat pies, fish and chips, shrimp basket, clam basket, calamari basket, gator-on-a-stick, seafood po-boy, crab cake, italian sausage, polish sausage, bourbon chicken, scotch eggs, shepard's pie, chicken on a stick, steak on a stick, fajitas, pizza, meatball sub, pasta, calzone.
Cheo's Wings
Assorted pastries, Arroz Con Pollo, chicken thigh with Rice and black Beans, Chicken teriyaki skewer with fries, Chicken wings with French fries, Plantain Tostones w/ Cheese on top
Chimney Cakes
Try our savory Chimney Dog with beef or vegan options, served with hand-cut fries and a pickle or jalapeno.
Get Baked Potato Company
Various concoctions and creations of savory and sweet stuffed baked potatos!
Sweet Treats Available
Quaker Confections
Coffee, Latte, Hot Chocolate, Frappe, Capuccino, Espresso/Hot Tea, Cuban Coffee, Breakfast Sandwhich****, Cuban Sandwhiches****, Churros, Apple Fritters, Caramel and Candy Apples, Strudel, Cannoli's, and Breakfast Muffins, Cheese Cake, Frozen Banana, Frozen Strawberries dipped in chocolate and Nuts, cinnamon nut. ****Savory Item.
The Fluffy Troll
Cotton Candy, Rock Candy, Boba Custard, Cotton Candy Pickles, Cheese and Fruit Plate, and Various Parfait Cups.
PiFairelf Bakes
Delicious Giant cookies, brownies, scones, and artisan bread.
Pipistrella Holdings - Traveler's Wheel
Man-Powered Snow Cones!
Spirited Slices
Alcohol-infused cakes!
Shawn Grissom AKA Magical Desserts and Drinks
Nitrogen Smoking Ice-cream and cereal puffs!
Pipistrella Holdings - Traveler's Wheel
Man-Powered Snow Cones!
Chimney Cakes
Satisfy your cravings with our cylindrical pastries, including sweet choices like Nutella, fresh strawberries, strawberry strudel, ice cream, and more. Join us for a taste of tradition, dating back to the 15th century.