Artisan Marketplace

The Florida Renaissance Festival is proud to present our Artisan Marketplace featuring talented Artisans and their beautiful handmade wares! Experience a Kaleidoscope of Arts as you watch Live Demonstrations such as weaving, blacksmithing, glassblowing, leather-tooling and more!

Shop for intricate handmade jewelry, unique footwear, and leather armor for your everyday battles! You will find beautiful clothing fit for Royalty, Pirates, and Peasants alike! Purchase your own splendid “garb” to wear home from the Kingdom! Complete your Renaissance Ensemble with a fanciful face-painting, elegant hair braid, or exotic henna tattoo, or a strong sword!

The Artisan Marketplace has many delights for children too! You’ll find wooden swords and shields, fantasy puppets, shimmering fairy wings, and many more treasures sure to spark their imaginations and creativity!

You are cordially invited by The King and Queen, to wander our quaint Festival Paths, chat with the Artisans, and be welcomed into their Unique Shops. Come be delighted, be inspired, and Be Welcome here in the heart of the Kingdom! Huzzah!

Amazing Accessories

Scott McNeal One of a Kind Hand-Crafted Masterpieces! Feathered Hats, Period Hats, Accessories, and reproductions non-firing flint locks.

Gilded Parasol Parasols Exquisitely painted parasols in assorted sizes and colors.

Mischief Masks Hand-crafted Leather Mask in Amazing designs and colors.

Crystal Garden Beautiful Swarovski crystal jewelry and hanging pendants.


Boss Wench
Beautiful variety of Renaissance clothing for Everyone!

Corsets By Casta Diva
Lovely Corsets in all sizes and colors.
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Fiona’s Fyneries
Renaissance clothing for women.
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Authentic Wardrobe Exquisite Cloaks, Templars, Tabards, Pant &  Port Shirts.

Golden Fleece Colorful Clothing and accessories for men and women.

Highland Kilt Company
Clan kilts and accessories and accessories.

Philosopher’s Stone
Gypsy-style clothing and accessories.

Got Kilt
Clan kilts and accessories.

Sultry Treasures
Renaissance and belly dance clothing items.

Hearts Delight
Renaissance clothing and accessories for all ages.

FLARF Souvenir Shoppe Featuring a Wonderful variety of Festival Memorabilia to wear and remember your days at the Faire.  

Starry Dreams  Exotic Silk Clothing, Belly Dance clothing and lovely accessories. 

Pantaloons  Lustrous Sultan Pants for Everyone, Softly-flowing Ladies Tops, Beautifully-crafted Men’s Shirt…Luxurious fabrics and colors to feel exquisite in.

Bath Salts, Soaps, Essential Oils, Incense, Perfumes
Unique bath salts and accessories, gourds, sculpted fairies, gnomes,

Apothocary (Educational Demonstrations)
Come learn the Ancient Wisdom of Herbs and how they can help and heal

Surf N Suds Co.

Delightful and Fun,Beer-based Handmade Soaps,Scrubs, Lotions and Sprays, plus Scented soaps

Rhiannon Oils & Incense
Distinctive essential oils & fragrances, aroma jewelry, incense,& holders

Books, Illustrations, Scrolls, Tapestries

Q Studios  Unusual and beautiful Hand-crafted  Maps,Illustrations etched in metal, Scrolls and scroll holders, and accessories

Three Bells Artisans  Extraordinarily hand-woven European Tapestries and pillows

Body Art

A New World Henna
Ancient art form brought to life in creative design
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Amber Rose Face Painting
Extraordinarily fun and creative Face Painting

Faerie Fyne Henna & Face Painting
Unique Henna and Face Painting designs

Morehenna aka Bevan Iredell
Ancient art form brought to life in imaginative design


Candlight Rocks Uniquely-crafted  one of a kind Rock Lamps,Sliced Agate Lamps, Coasters, Magnets,and fragrant oils

Caricatures and Portraits

Art by Dorinda,LLC
Beautiful and lovely, authentic and whimsical creative Caricatures by a Master Artisan

Candies and Edible Treats

Pathfinder Jerky
Exotic and unusually tasty jerky assortment

Delicious Giant cookies, brownies and scones

Spirited Slices

Delicious Liquor-based slices of cake in a multitude of  flavors! ( for Adults only, ID required)

Fairies, Puppets And Fantasy Accessories

Imaginarium Galleries
Home of the “ Drabbit” , rare and unique Fantasy Puppet creatures

Rosie’s Faires

Inspired ,whimsical, beautiful little hand-crafted fairies, fairy homes and acccessories.

Fairy Haven
Extraordinary Fairy Wings, Horns, furry Tails and clip-on Elf Ears

Les Polinko’s Magical Conservatory

Fantasy creatures in clay sculpture, Whimsical and delightful !


Just InTyme
Leather boots and accessories

Son of Sandlar Handmade leather footwear, clothing and accessories


Creations In Glass (Daily Demonstrations) Witness the intricate details involved in the creation of  glass dragons, unicorns, fairies and much more 

Historical Glassworks (Daily demonstrations)
Historical Glass designs recreated in the fire of an openkiln

Hair Accessories and Braiding

Pathfinder Hair Braiding
Elegantly creative hair braiding and hair f

Home and Garden

Ye Olde Wizards and Dragons
Magically-themed sculptures, lamps, mugs ,goblets and more

Valhalla Horns  Viking and Drinking Horns hand-crafted in the Old World Style, Odin himself would be proud

Vibration Creations  Beautiful Gemstones, Crystals, Airplant Terrairums, and many more good-energy items to grace your spirit,body and home


Amber & Christmas Ornaments
Elegant and dazzling assortment of Amber jewelry

Whimsical and Elegant Sterling Silver jewelry

King of the Crowns
Inspired Celtic jewelry, crowns, tiaras and Elf Ear Cuffs

Medieval Metal Beautifully crafted and unique Hair Twisters and Elf Ear Cuffs

Museum Replica Shoppe
Celtic-inspired silver jewelry

Sea Song Designs

Beautifully crafted  sea-themed jewelry using pearls, copper, crystal and silk.

 Moonchild Collection

Unique and personal, Moon-phase jewelry

Delightful assortment of colorful and unique jewelry items

Rice Originals (Daily Demonstrations)
Rare and beautiful time–honored art of rice jewelry, your Name on a grain of rice

Somewhere Beyond Coin Mint (Daily Demonstrations)
Custom-minted coins in bronze, silver & gold in an amazing array of designs
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Tomas the Lapidary (Daily Demonstrations)
Artfully handcrafted tiaras, crowns, hair accessories and many jewelry items


Gryphon Leathersmiths
Exceptional leather armor, arm bracers, baldrics, bags, belts and much more
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Inner Beast Leather (aka Potted Fox Studio)
Beautifully hand-crafted leather and ultra suede clothing and accessories

The Griffin Works  Finely-crafted leather items      

Red Falcon  Leather items and accessories Artfylly made

DaVinci Scientifica

Artfully crafted leather accessories with a Time Traveler/Steampunk theme.


Poetic Earth Journals (Daily Demonstrations)
Distinctive handmade leather journals, bags, sketch books, and leather pieces

Wolf Den Leather (Daily Demonstrations)
Artfully-crafted wide array of leather goods
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The Leather Arts Store Uniquely-crafted leather items

Meads and Wines and Absinthe Kit

Royal Manor Vineyards and Winery
Original meads and unique fruit wines

Le Loup Garou Alchemy Uniquley Original ” Make Your Own Absinthe Kits!


Stunningly crafted bronze roses, hair barrettes and jewelry

Musical Instruments

Mystic Rhythms
Uniquely hand-crafted drums and other musical instruments
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Pathfinder Birds
Colorful and whimsical bird whistles


Fellowship Foundry
Artfully handcrafted lead-free pewter goblets, steins, figures, jewelry and more.


Blue the Pipe Maker
Unique assortment of pipes and accessories

Danny Boy Pipes Exquisitely crafted Pipes of all designs and sizes, plus all  pipe accessories

Smooth Smokers
One of a Kind  ! Distinctive and “smooth” hand-carved wooden pipes and incense burners
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FLARF Souvenir Shoppe


Helping Hands Therapeutic Massage

Twilight Revelations~ Inspired Tarot Card Readings

The Enchanted Store ~Insightful Tarot Card Readings

Magic Mirror Photo Booth ! Your photo with a choice of Festival-inspired background themes


Royal Armory
Colorfully decorated wooden toy swords and shields

Kalid of Florida

Children’s Wooden swords, helmets, hats, star wands, dresses & tabards.

Royal Armory
Colorfully decorated wooden toy swords and shields

Kalid of Florida

Children’s Wooden swords, helmets, hats, star wands, dresses & tabards.


Blacksword Armoury
Weapons from many cultures and time periods, swords, knives, axes ect.

Capricorn Arms
Exotic weapons, armor and accessories
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Celtic Om Dynamically created Wooden Mugs, Chalices, Skull Chairs and some lether items as well, for the Celt in you

Hollow Earth Swordworks Finely crafted wooden swords and crossbows for all

Seekers and Settlers

Walking Staffs, Handmade Brooms, Magic Wands and more !

Wandering Wizards
Walking staffs, paper notebooks, magic swords and assorted items