Rides and Games

The Florida Renaissance Festival offers rides and games for adults and children of all ages!

Enjoy Human-Powered Rides such as the Giant Rocking Horse, Ship Ride, Flying Carrousel, Hurlinator and Quintaine Children’s Joust!

Want to practice your Renaissance Warrior Skills? Try our daring Games of Chance and Skill! We offer Archery, Spear Throw, and Jacob’s Ladder. Axe Throwing, Pirate Ring Toss, Star Throw, Knife Throw, Royal Darts, Cannon Blaster, Wax Hands, High Striker and more! If you’re looking for something more exhilarating, take a swing at the Barrel Ride and Crows Nest! Want to try something more daring?  Attempt the Hang Bar! If you can hang by your hands for 100 Seconds you Win $100! Throw juicy tomatoes in Tomato Torture! Climb the King’s Tower Rock Wall and jump for joy at Jester’s Jump Bungee Jump! Amazing fun for everyone!

See if you can escape the huge labyrinth of The Maze! Only the stout of heart will dare these adventures!

Please note that some rides or games may have height and/or age restrictions to participate. Please see the game or ride attendant for additional details. Safety is always our first priority!

****Games & Rides are not included in the price of admission. All games and rides must be purchased separately at the fair.****