Entertainment Line-Up

What’s new for the 2024 Florida Renaissance Festival?

In William Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night”, It is said, “If music be the food of love, play on.” He didn’t specifically say on what, but I still think this a lovely sentiment and so, play on we shall.

The Florida Renaissance Festival returns to the Village of Kimmendale, with a faire brimming with music, laughter, and dance. This season we present a programme filled with many returning favorites alongside some wonderful new acts with gifted performers from around the world.

The village once again plays host to the incomparable “Rota Temporis”, a quintet of Italian Musicians providing driving percussions, thrilling pipes, and stimulating visuals. A performance designed to generate energy and to bring an audience to their feet in a frenzy of delight.

Also, after an absence of too many years, we are pleased to announce the return of “The Jackdaws” for the month of March.

Other returning favorites include “Celtic Mayhem”, “Music the Gathering”, “Bard & Minstrels”, “Cast in Bronze”, “The Coddywomplers”, “Chaste Treasure”, “Blue Muse”, “Charry Garcia”, “Heartstring”, “The Foxy Bard”, “The Commedia Madrigal Singers”, “Ivanhoe Brass”, and for the first two weeks in February, we offer you the tender tones of “The Harper & the Minstrel”.

New to our musical offerings for this season, we introduce a new village harpist, The Lady Gisselle, who will perform for the full run of the show.

We also present two very special, limited engagements. For one week only, (February 17 & 18), we bring you “A Merrye Noyse”, an ensemble of Early Music specialists presenting historical music of the renaissance, on period specific instruments. A Merrye Noyse is a part of the nationally recognized “Palm Beach Recorder and Early Music Society”.

For those of you who prefer your music a little less stately and a lot more stirring, we are delighted to present “Pirate’s Creed” for the month of February. Finally, schedules and circumstances allow us to bring you this high-energy duo, a pair of pirates with personalities as potent as their place in our hearts.

Dance is equally well represented here in the village. Our perpetual favorite dance troupes “The Kelly Academy of Irish Dance”, “Masala Music & Dance”, and “Lady Ophelia’s Dance Party” all return for a full season of joyful terpsichore.

The international language of dance and movement is further explored with a truly unique troupe, “The Djian Tie African Dancers”. This talented ensemble was discovered in a northern kingdom ruled by a benevolent rodent, and we have negotiated a limited run, so for the month of February, we encourage you to witness the athleticism and grace of this company, to be found on the Checkmate stage.

Keeping things exciting, we present the premier jousting company of athletes, actors, and equestrians, “Debracey Productions”, performing 3 different jousting shows during the day with a progressive storyline.

Our master falconer Ash Cary returns for a second season with the exotic birds of ‘Knightwings”. This thrilling live-flight show is both educational and entertaining, featuring a wide variety of birds of prey. There will also be a display pavilion located near the Raptor’s Nest Stage for you to see the birds up close and to meet the performance artists.

The theme of our village life has always been “Tragedy tomorrow, Comedy today”, so let us bring on the Clowns, the Fools, the Jokers and Buffoons; those merry mischief makers whose antics lighten our hearts and return us all to a childlike state of wonder and delight. Most of these acts and performers have become dear friends to our audiences, and we are happily gratified to, once again, welcome the talents of: “MooNiE the Magnificent”, “Broon”, “Buckle & Swash”, “Kamikaze Fireflies”, and “Les S. Moore (who will steal your stuff).

We also present 3 limited run spectacles, in February we offer you “Muttville Comix” a comedic dog act, performed with a dozen rescue dogs and their loyal human. In March we bring back the hottest act on the Renaissance Faire Circuit, “Jacques ze Whipper”, and NEW to our village, “Ses Carny’s Double-Edged Daredevils”.

Keeping things filthy, we present the most educated beggars in the village, with “The Dirtiest Show on Earth”. Keeping things clean, we present “The Washing Well Wenches”. Keeping things magically unpredictable, we present “Ivanovich” at the Magic Bar, and “Thom Bedlam” … probably passed out somewhere on the streets.

Keeping to the theme of “something for everyone” we have a series of performances and experiences specifically designed for family fun. Once Upon a Stage hosts “Robin Hood and Maid Marion”, plus two NEW acts and activities, “The Foole School” with Pester the Jester, and “The Song and Story Trading Company”.

Next, NOT “something for everyone”, we once again feature in our R-rated tent, the talents of “Arthur Greenleaf Holmes”, a libertine poet of world renown, and a NEW act with a familiar face, “Filthy Irish Stories”. Neither of these acts are for the faint of heart or the easily offended, but if you have a sense of humor and a tolerance for bad language and adult situations, you will have come to the right place.

The Kimmendale Promenade offers you the opportunity to interact with our village characters, experience the science of magic, and meet with Royalty.

And finally, the streets of our village are filled with the unusual, the uncommon, and the wonderful. “Sir Real, the Puppet Man”, “Common Stock”, “Lady Ettie”, “Opal the Bubble Fairy”, and a “Living Statue” are just a few of the unexpected wonders to be found about the streets of the village.

All of this is surrounded by a Marketplace filled with unique hand-crafted goods and wares, arts and crafts, collectables, and curiosities. Magnificence made manifest.

All this, and so much more. Our festival is filled with, “sounds and sweet airs, which give delight and hurt not. Sometimes a thousand twangling instruments will hum about mine ears; and sometime voices,
That, if I then had waked after long sleep, will make me sleep again: and then, in dreaming,
The clouds methought would open, and show riches ready to drop upon me; that, when I waked, I cried to dream again”. –William Shakespeare

Come share a dream with us. Meet a new friend and make a memory. We welcome you to the Village of Kimmendale, and The Florida Renaissance Festival.

Cast List 2024

Royal Court

King Robert – King of Kimmendale and surrounding provinces                     Johnbarry Green

Queen Beatrice— Queen of Kimmendale and traveling diplomate                Jennifer Higgins

Princess Snow – Lord Chancellor and Queen of Eisenheim                           Jamie Hanley

Sir Robin Drake – Lord Protector                                                                       Juan Aguiar

Count Kieran DeGrei — Swordmaster of Toledo                                                Kieran Grei-Luzardo

Lady Agnes Orsini                                                                                                Paris Beechler

Lady Margaux Margerenne                                                                                 Georgie Zaunich

Lady La Dolcezza                                                                                                 Christina Assal

Mistress Rosalynd Fitzroy – Seneschal of the King’s Household                     Mala Eckerling

Mistress Meriweather Poppinjay – Chatelain of the King’s Household           Kathryn Landwehr

Coviello – Fool to the King                                                                                  Ross Parris

Village Council Representatives

Lady Ettie—The Customs Authori-tea                                                                Carol Black

Jack Milgrew—Of the Common Stock Historical Society                                 Patrick Richardson

Maddie Bliss—Of the Curiosity Collective                                                         Becky McKay

Lady Ophelia – Of the Village Arts Council                                                      Jeanette Walmsley

Bess Sharpe – Of the Laundresses Guild                                                         Su Lapadura

Madame Iris Chrysocola—Of the Fashion Forward Federation                      Cristie Perez

Mistress Periwinkle—Assistant to Madame                                                      Theresa Brewer

Lady Anna Hastings—Widow, of the Merry Variety                                         Joanna Satkowitz


The Gaunt Brothers—Of the League of “Legitimate Businessmen”              Adolfo Hererra

                                                                                                                            A.J. Paluso

                                                                                                                            Santiago Gomez

                                                                                                                            Payton Turner


James Spongeworthy – Village Clerk                                                             James DeFabia

Stella Forestarr – Clerk’s Clerk                                                                        Jennifer Baroletti

Fidget Blackrose – Publik Works                                                                     Greg Kauffman

Widget Blackrose – Publik Works                                                                    Bob Starkey

Lindsey Limberger – Cheesemonger                                                              Maria MacIntyre

Mistress Anna Bella – Kimmendale Vacation Club                                         Terri Sullivan

Amadeus Rask – The Wishmonger                                                                  Ade Shields

Aunt Clara Nicholmas – Student of Alchemy                                                   Mary Crance

Argentius – Professor of Magical Creatures                                                   Robert Hollister

Oriana Incantus – Professor of Charms & Spells                                            Robyn Tisch Hollister

Duchess Veronica Armfeldt– CEO of Queen of Hearts Enterprises             Denise Hinds

Amara Cassata – Celebrity                                                                               Erin Charles

Cario Cassata – Professional Relative                                                             Benjamin Friedman

Master Elrick – Apothecary                                                                              Rick Friedman

Master James O’Shane – Journeyman to Master Erich                                 James Tero

Apo Saluvage — Apprentice to Master Erich                                                   Anthony McRae

Returning favorites:

  • Debracey Productions (Joust)
  • The Dirtiest Show on Earth (Mud Show)
  • The Washing Well Wenches
  • Rota Temporis
  • The Foxy Bard
  • Jacques ze Whipper (March only)
  • Celtic Mayhem
  • Music the Gathering
  • MooNiE the Magnificent
  • Broon
  • The Coddywomplers
  • Bard & Minstrels
  • Kamikaze Fireflies
  • Les S. Moore-Will Steal Your Stuff
  • Masala Music & Dance
  • Kelly Academy of Irish Dance
  • Tales of Robin Hood
  • Blue Muse
  • Harper & the Minstrel
  • The Village Madrigals
  • Filthy Irish Stories
  • Arthur Greenleaf Holmes
  • Lady Ophelia’s Dance Party
  • Buckle & Swash
  • Chaste Treasure
  • Cast in Bronze
  • Ivanovich, at the Magic Bar
  • Historical Glassworks
  • Knightwings-Birds of Prey
  • …plus all the village characters, strolling musicians, living history encampments, the Royal Court, and magic, mystery, and mayhem. In addition, we continue to add to our entertainment roster daily.