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The COVID-19 pandemic has had a dramatic effect on schools and students everywhere. Help your school make the most out of your ESSER funds by engaging in fun and educational experiences at the Florida Renaissance Festival! 
The Florida Renaissance Festival qualifies as an educational and enriching experience for kids everywhere  – utilize your ESSER Funds with us and invest in your student’s learning by allowing them to experience a 16th-century village in the modern world! Learn more about ESSER funds below!

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2024 School Day - Monday, February 5th, 2024 ~ 9:30AM - 2:30PM


The International Award-winning Florida Renaissance Festival, LLC held at Quiet Waters Park in Deerfield Beach, welcomes students and educators to “Step Back In Time” to learn about this fascinating period in history. Our School Day Program brings 16th Century Europe to Life, in an Exciting way that is appropriate for all ages! Costumed performers, Stage Acts, and Artisans will offer students an Informative View of the Renaissance, while Blacksmithing, Glassblowing, Culinary, Apothecary and Encampment Demonstrations “Bring History to Life”! So much fun and so educational, we call it “Edutainment”!

The Florida Renaissance Festival, LLC welcomes students of all grade levels including Public Elementary Schools, Middle Schools, High Schools, Private Schools, Religious Schools, and Home Schools.


  1. No one will be allowed into the Festival without a wristband, no exceptions for students and/or teachers/chaperones/parents. The only exception is Bus drivers; they are allowed in for free (without a wristband) only after they produce their Bus driver ID.
  2. We do not offer refunds for any canceled tickets or no-shows. Please be sure of the amount of children and chaperones you are paying for!
  3. For last-minute students joining the trip, only the organizing teacher (listed on the Eventeny application) can pay for their admission in person at the Festival Box Office on School Day. They must be present at the box office. The organizing teacher MUST BRING their School ID and state-issued driver’s license. Without proper identification, wristbands will not be issued. Parents and chaperones CANNOT add on/pay for students on the organizing teacher’s behalf. Only after payment, wrist bands will then be provided. We encourage payment using school checks instead of cash. For school checks, please call the office to arrange this in advance. All school checks must be made out to Florida Renaissance Festival LLC. All school checks must be received by January 12th, 2024 for wristbands to be mailed out. All checks received after that, wristbands will have to be scheduled to be picked up at the box office on School Day or the festival office in advance by the organizing teacher ONLY.


                                                     Personal checks will not be accepted at the box office under any circumstances.

     4. Parents/chaperones arriving separately from the school group without wristbands will need to be validated before entering the festival. To be able to pay for admission as an additional chaperone, we must have received, in advance (the Wednesday before School Day – January 31st, 2024), an official signed letter (by the organizing teacher AND the school principal) with the school letterhead stating the designated chaperone has been validated and approved and can purchase additional wristbands for themselves ONLY. This is a precaution to protect students, as it is a school day for children and students.

5. The Florida Renaissance Festival does not allow coolers, outside food, or beverages (including water bottles) into the festival. However, if the food is a medical necessity, an exception can be made (gluten-free, allergies, etc.). Any other outside food must be left inside your vehicles (school buses, cars, vans, etc.), but you may leave the show to eat and return to the show after. Keep your wristbands on to be allowed re-entry. We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause.

6. Invoices for School Checks will not be generated after January 23rd, 2024. Please ask for your invoices before then. 

Please call our office below to confirm receipt of the envelope and wristbands once it has arrived. Please call us with any questions or concerns you may have. Office Phone: 954-776-1642


Pre-Registration is required and School Registration is strictly enforced. Please read the form for more information regarding registration, payment, and any deadlines. Application Link Below.

School Day Registration Information

School Day Application Link:

Deadline for Schools to apply: December 18th, 2023. This includes the deadline to pay all outstanding balances.

New Registration and Admission Procedures

Pre-Registration forms and payment in advance are required for participation in the School Day Program. Each Educator responsible will be issued wristbands for admission to the School Day, identifying the students and chaperones. Educators will be responsible for issuing each paid student and chaperone their respective wristbands. Additional wristbands may be purchased at the Front Entrance Gate by the responsible Educator, for any additional students or chaperones in attendance or for replacement wristbands. Please bring Exact Change in the form of cash or school check to expedite processing(the school check must be approved ahead of time). Your cooperation will assist us in creating a more rewarding experience for each and every student!

Admission Costs

The cost is $10.00 per Student.  (1) Adult Chaperone is admitted Free for every (10) Paid Students. Additional Adult Chaperones are $10.00 each. Bus Drivers are admitted Free with proper identification.

It is suggested that students bring spending money for games, rides, and/or souvenirs. Students are encouraged to bring some cash for food and beverage, about $30 should do the trick for a basic lunch and souvenir.  Lunch prices average $6.00, and soft drinks and bottled water cost $3.00. Games and rides can go up to $10.

We accept the following methods of payment inside the festival: Mostly Cash, some vendors accept cards like: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discovery Credit Cards. We also have ATM’s inside. 

Outside Food and Drinks

Outside food and beverages are NOT permitted into the Festival. Students or chaperones with dietary allergies, medical dietary needs, infants or babies are exempt from this policy. Schools may exit the Festival Site for lunch and re-enter the Festival if they so choose. Please make sure you keep your wristband on.


Schools and students are welcomed to wear their respective school t-shirt, uniform, or regular attire that meets the school’s guidelines. Students and chaperones are also welcomed to wear Renaissance Costumes for the complete Renaissance Festival Experience! Because the Festival is located outdoors in a park, we strongly recommend that students and chaperones wear closed-toe shoes or sneakers.

Schedule and Festival Map

School Day Entertainment Schedule and Festival Map will be made available upon your arrival at the Festival Front Gate and Information Booth, for your convenience.

For Additional Resources, we have created a one-of-a-kind Resource Booklet and Curriculum Guide for teachers, education professionals and students alike! We have compiled many of the Renaissance Era’s most important facts in history, and put it right at your fingertips, so you can teach your students or have a good read! You may access our School Resource Booklet. You may also access the School Curriculum Guide here!

For additional information and access to a list of frequently asked questions and answers, please download our School Day Program FAQs Document Here.