See artists demonstrate their talents in jewelry making, coin minting, painting, glass blowing and more. See real life re-enactments of life in the 16th century with the, Anger of the Mistress Trebuchet launching, Pirates encampment, Glassblowing, Blacksmithing at Dwarvesong, Rapier demonstrations at MacClaine Militarire Ecole,  live steel fights from  the History of Chivlary, Medieval games at Le Chateau de Mirth  and more.

Baile a Choinneail

Baile a Choinneail features all the hardworking volunteers who perform the vital function of protecting both the audience and the horses for our Joust shows. They also assist our Master Falconer and Master Archer with their demonstrations on the Lakeside Point. This dedicated troupe has been with the festival for more than 20 years and have become such a necessary element in the smooth running of these large scale spectacle shows, that they are often invited to provide Safety and Security for most of the major festivals in the Florida area.

Hanseatic League

We portray a merchant caravan hailing from Bergen Norway, carrying our stock-fish and wares to local fairs within the time period of the 1100’s through the 1500’s. Our mainstay is the unique diversity of the merchant caravan; this allows our members to create and develop characters from almost anywhere in the world. The Encampment is set up for Patron to enter and browse. We portray the headquarters area of a Merchant Caravan with Craft’s and Kitchens sleeping quarter dining and crafting area’s. We are set up as a living Museum! Our Tent’s are open to display living conditions on the road. Daily ongoing demonstrations of renaissance cooking ,crafting including our, Very own Sword swallower who performs several times during the faire day! John Carlsen – Coordinator.

Palandin Society

This special interest club from South Plantation High School caters to students who are interested in the Renaissance Era. This club allows students to participate in the whole spectrum of period life; from costume and armour-making to dancing and cooking. The Paladin Society is also home to Sir Elrick – herbalist and apothecary.  Nick Duarte and Rick Friedman – Directors.

H.M. Royal Artillery

H.M. Royal Artillery is freelance artillery battery that is employed by the King. Known as “Keepers of the Peace” they open the festival every morning, at his Majesty’s command, with a cannon shot. In the evening, promptly at sunset they close the faire with a small arms and cannon demonstration. As a historic reenactment group, they are dedicated to teaching and demonstrating the safe use of muzzle-loading black powder cannons and small arms. Once a day during faire, and by his Majesty’s permission, they conduct a live fire black powder mortar demonstration.
The current arsenal consists of 14 cannons and over 70 different small arms. As acknowledged black powder experts with over 110 years of combined experience with muzzle-loading weaponry of all types, one of their main endeavors is education. Stop by their encampment to learn about the fascinating history of black powder and the weapons that used it.

Anger of the Mistress – Trebouchet

Come witness an amazing demonstration of a medieval trebouchet. A catapult used to smash castle walls or throw projectiles over them.  There are demonstrations throughout the day. Encampment members are on hand to answer your questions about this unique weaponry. Joe Zurawski – Coordinator.

Tuatha de Donnan

Come and enjoy a variety of period craft activities demonstrated in this encampment. This local historical reenactment group demonstrates daily activities which would have been part of medieval life. Wander through the garden or see what is cooking at the fire pit. Join us for a “day in the life” of the average townsperson of the time. Christina Moeller – coordinator.

History of Chivalry – Live Steel Fighting

Gallant Knights, Fair Maidens, Feasting & Fighting. Join the History of Chivalry and experience the excitement of yesteryear! Live Steel Fighting shows daily. See fully amoured knights go to battle for their honor. Talk with the knights and even try on some of their armour after a fight!

Huginsborg Viking Trading

Huginsborg Viking Trading is a place where fans and enthusiasts of the Viking culture can come and see some aspects of the period. From the frozen lands of Scandinavia and Norway, these hardy travelers are best known for exploration of the seas in magnificent long boats, a rich mythology of mighty gods and cosmic wars, and a written language based upon ancient runes. These northern warriors spread their culture throughout the known world and have a rich history of influence as they brought new ideas and unique goods to far lands. This period of Norse expansion constitutes an important element in the early medieval history of Scandinavia, the British Isles, Ireland, France, and Sicily. Traditional Viking crafts and weaponry are on display and our resident Lore Master Hugo Helm Hammerhand Hidal will be available for stories, information and all things Viking.
Get your Odin on and explore the Viking experience at Huginsborg.

History of Chivalry

Dwarvesong has some of the finest artisans in the village.  Besides their beautiful wares, the camp is alive with excitement and activity.  Throughout the day, you will find the Dwarvesong blacksmiths hammering away.  A craft dating back to ancient times, blacksmith’s were essential to every village.  Using their skills to hand forge any number of items made of iron (the black metal) from nails and tools to weapons and armour. Along with the blacksmiths, you can see the skill of fire creation with the “Igniting Fire with Flint & Steel” demonstration.  For those with a flair for the elegant visit the “Period Illuminations” demonstration.  Witness the medieval art of illumination,  an art using crushed semi precious stones and naturally occurring minerals.  Illumination was used in the period to create works of art such as “The Book of Kells”.  And as if that was not enough, period cooking can be seen taking place at the Dwarvesong Blacksmith camp from butter making to open fire cooking.

The Ottoman Empire

During the 16th and 17th centuries, at the height of its power under the reign of Suleiman the Magnificent, the Ottoman Empire was a multinational, multilingual empire controlling much of Southeast Europe, parts of Central Europe, Western Asia, and North Africa.
With Constantinople as its capital and control of lands around the Mediterranean basin, the Ottoman Empire was at the centre of interactions between the Eastern and Western worlds for six centuries.

During various conflicts throughout Europe, great capitols rose and fell often loosing great libraries and other repositories of knowledge and cultural histories, leading to the period known as “The Dark Ages”. The Ottomans held and protected the accumulated knowledge of the greater world for centuries. As Europe entered into the Renaissance the Ottoman Empire began to share the arts, sciences and histories which they had so carefully maintained. It was through their influence that much of the cultural histories of great countries remain. The Ottomans were artists, scholars and philosophers of the highest calibre, generous with their knowledge and diplomatic with their strength.