Arthur Greenleaf Holmes-Poet

Full Run / Greathall
Arthur Greenleaf Holmes is a sixteenth century libertine and until recently, an anonymous poet. Today, by some miracle of an enduring spirit that we shan’t spend too much time examining, Arthur brings his wildly inappropriate poetry to stages throughout the free world. Arthur presents a show that is at once extremely literate, entrancingly lyrical, breathtakingly scandalous and very, very funny.

Blackenshear The Curious

Full Run / Showcase Pavilion
With Bret Blackshear, comedy and amazing magic are what you can expect delivered in his dry laid-back style. Entertaining, hilarious, and engaging for audiences of all ages, this seasoned performer and consummate entertainer will win you over with his award winning comedy act!

Buckle & Swash

Weeks 4-5-6-7 / Crown Stage
Join Captain Red Swash Rogers and Mr. Jiff Buckle for pirate comedy, sword fighting, and other… stuff.


Full Run / Phyfe & Fiddle Music Pavilion
BOB BIELEFELD is a veteran festival and theatre performer. He plays flute, fife and specializes in the ancient instruments of the recorder family. Cantiga’s resident musicologist, Bob’s research gives birth to many of Cantiga’s arrangements. MARTHA GAY attended Rice University and Oxford University where she majored in archaeology and has made her life in the Renaissance Festival circuit since the 70’s. She studied harp with Mildred Milligan and with Derek Bell of the Chieftains. Martha recently returned from a 500-mile trek through parts of France and Spain on the Camino de Santiago. On foot, Martha towed her harp through the high mountain passes so that she could play the cantigas in the ancient churches and villages, encountering fellow pilgrims from many lands. ALEX KOROLOV has had the good fortune of being a student of early music from a young age, and has since graduated from Indiana University with a degree in early music performance, having studied viola de gamba and renaissance lute. Alex has performed around the United States and Canada with a number of ensembles and as a soloist at events such as the Bloomington Early Music Festival and the Boston Early Music Festival.

Captain Jack’s Pirate Initiation

Full Run / Near XTREME Action Arena – Forecourt
Have you ever wanted to learn how to be a Pirate? Well how about learning from a real one? After traveling from festival to festival all over the state of Florida, Captain Jack and Angelica want to show you how to become a true buccaneer! Try on some pirate garb, get an official certificate, and even learn how to sword fight from the good Cap’n himself! It’s a swashbuckling adventure ye surely can’t miss! This is a unique one-on-one experience for the young and the young at heart.

Carolina Celli

Weeks 2 & 3 / Good Knight Pub Stage

Ceili (kay-lee) – A gathering of friends to celebrate with music, dance, and fun!

Carolina Ceili brings a Southern Appalachian flavor to traditional Irish music, creating a lively stage show that is equal parts danceable, enlightening, and transcendent. Hailing from Asheville, North Carolina, and Atlanta, Georgia, the acoustic quartet combines rollicking traditional jigs and reels with gorgeous three-part harmonies and story-songs, and are equally at home in a pub, a concert hall or a festival stage.
Laurie Fisher on fiddle is a seasoned veteran of Asheville’s contra-dancing scene as well as a dance caller and avid student of ancient tales.
Maggie Anderson our vocalist and drummer, has a background in theatre and opera and various pop/rock bands.
Marcos Harkness performing on Guitar and Mandolin was born in the Republic of Panama and brings a fiery Latin-American influence to his playing and singing, along with a love of story songs.
Jim Kirkland the newest member of the band, comes armed with a rack of tin whistles and flutes and a skilled, nimble approach to melody informed by his love of jazz.

Cast In Bronze

Full Run / XTREME Action Arena – Forecourt
A masked figure sits before the keyboard of a traveling Carillon, which is a musical instrument made up of more than a ton of bronze church bells. The sound and music created is rich, impressive and deeply inspirational.

Celtic Mayhem

Full Run / Good Knight Pub Stage
Combining the talents of members of three of the renaissance faire circuit’s most popular musical acts, Celtic Mayhem has been entertaining audiences with their unique, raucous brand of Celtic folk music since their debut in the Spring of 2007. Featuring Ty Billings (Minstrels of Mayhem) on vocals, guitar, and flute, Martyn Wylde (Wyldefyre) on vocals, bass, guitar, and bouzouki and Jack Stamates (Generica, Avalon and more) on vocals, fiddle, recorder, and percussion, Celtic Mayhem have developed into a remarkable “Celtic power trio”. When performing at fairs and festivals, the band plays Celtic traditional music and folk songs, along with original and contemporary music with a traditional feel.

The Charmings

Full Run / On the Streets
Three lovely princesses from far off kingdoms have come to our village festival at the invitation of the Royal Family. These three gracious princesses have come to share songs and stories of royal lives and loves. They bring grace and elegance to the streets of Kegsworthy, and take great delight in meeting the local guests, peasant and prince alike.

Charry Garcia

Full Run / On the Streets
Our villages own one-man band. This multi-talented performer will delight audiences with music both playful and melodic on a variety of instrument.

Cobblestone Characters

Full Run / On the Streets
As you wander the streets of the village, you are bound to run into the Cobblestone Characters. Not fancy or dandy, the Cobblestone Characters add atmosphere to the streets. This season we feature:  The Sisters of Perpetual Inebriation, offering prayers and miracles to all who ask (and even those that don’t), and the Gardyloo Sisters, privy cleaners to the village.

Common Stock

Full Run / On the Streets
With a cheery “How do?” to all they meet, Jack Milgrew & Maddie Bliss can be found wandering up and down the lanes of the village with a variety of traditional entertainments. Stop to peer into the depths of the Turnip Wagon of Wonders for Artifacts Historical, Biblical and Fantastical, operate one of the hands-on Bliss Puppets as they stroll around in the shady spots or share a story about the village festival. Laugh with Jack & Maddie as they ride about on traditional Hobby Animals. Join in the fun that working folk have turned to for centuries.

The Craic Show

Weeks 4-5-6-7 / Good Knight Pub Stage
The CRAIC is a 4-piece, themed drama & musical act using heavy percussions and medieval bagpipes. Many various styles of drumming and percussions compliment haunting “old style” pipes and vocals.

The Crimson Pirates

Full Run / Pirate’s Cove
In 20 years of performing, our intrepid little crew has appeared in 2 off-Broadway productions: “The Crimson Pirates: Dead Men Tell No Tales!” and “The Crimson Pirates 2: Born To Plunder!” In addition we’ve played at cabarets in Greenwich Village, invaded weddings, a bat-mitzvah, summer camps and numerous drinking establishments, though mostly we play at various Renaissance Faires and Pirate Festivals across the country. Originally from the New York area, this musical ensemble had quickly established an international reputation for excellence. This travelling “skeleton crew” also will perform “The Greatest Pirate Story Never Told”.


Full Run / Beer Garden Music Pavilion
Combining the sounds of bagpipe and drums creates a musical signature unique and irresistible. This rollicking, high-energy performance features both original compositions and traditional favorites.

Daniel Duke of Danger

Week 2 Only / Tudor Stage
Dan is a professional acrobat and funny dude who has successfully avoided real work since 1981. After a two-year tour he ran away FROM the Ringling Brothers Circus and can say from personal experience that the little car all those clowns come piling out of is crowded! He has since performed his own brand of physical comedy and ill-advised acrobatics all over the United States, Canada, Europe, and Japan. Since 1993 he has been performing a solid tour of renaissance festivals as “Daniel Duke of Danger”.

Da Vinci Brothers Comedy Operas

Weeks 1 & 3 Only / Crown Stage
The Da Vinci Brothers present a dynamic comedy and a unique entertainment where the audience become the stars. They become the orchestra, the sound effects, and act out the story. Sensational family fun!

Debracey Productions

Full Run / XTREME Action Arena
Debracey Productions is a live action stunt show. We combine trick riding, vaulting, chariot racing, death defying stunts, full contact jousting and a gladiator style spectacle. Witness the romantic story of a beautiful warrior princess searching for her knight in shining armor. The masses must decide the princess’ fate where the winner takes all, princess, kingdom, treasure, but does he win her heart?

Empty Hats

Week 1 Only / Good Knight Pub Stage
Since 2000, Empty Hats has been entertaining audiences all over the country, performing at Renaissance Faires and Music Festivals. Some of the faces have changed, but the soul of the band; Carl Asch, Lynda Kavy, and Gary Mazzu have remained. This multi-talented band, with a deep Celtic influence, have 6 recordings: “5”, “Released”, “Captured”, “Greatest Hats”, “The Hat Came Back” and “Whiskey and Waves”.

Faire Wynds-Glass Harp

Full Run / Once Upon a Stage
Glass Harps-the Glass Music of Eric and Susan Scites Join us for a relaxing experience of one of the truly unique instruments to come out of the Renaissance. The Glass Harp-or Ghost Fiddle-truly is an ethereal sound, sure to please even the grumpiest of trolls, ogres, teenagers and husbands! Believed to be at once a cursed instrument-and a blessed one-it was said to have to power to cure heartache of the lovelorn!

Faire Wynds-Ye Olde Flea Circus

Full Run / Once Upon a Stage
The venerable Flea Circus has a long and honorable history… O.K, maybe not “honorable”, but it HAS been around a good long time. Although most people associate it with the late 19th century, it actually traces its roots back to ‘vermin shows’ in ancient Egypt. Our fleas all come from good bleeding…I mean BREEDING stock. We use only the finest imported fleas that can trace their lineage to the finest of historical entertainers!

Flight of the Raptor-Birds of Prey

Full Run / Lakeside Point
Flight of the Raptor was officially founded in 1995 by Ray Pena, Master Falconer, and continues today as the finest example of this ancient sport. They provide birds of prey in flight and demonstrations designed to educate, enlighten, and amaze their audiences. Many thousands have seen their programs and return year after year; just visit the birds and enjoy the beauty of the flight.

Gabriel Q

Weeks 1-2-4-5-6-7 / On the Streets
Watch ye out for Sir Real and his beautiful, bizarre and hilarious big puppets and stilt characters. Find him floating in the lanes with Giant Butterfly and Caterpillar, Baby, The Queen of Hearts on her high white horse and many more!

The Greatest Pirate Story Never Told

Full Run / Pirate’s Cove
The Greatest Pirate Story Never Told! When a crew of shipwrecked pirates set out to perform the greatest pirate epic ever seen on stage, only one thing stands in their way: a script missing every essential plot point! Help them fill in the blanks and laugh-out-loud as these pirates-turned-players improvise a brand new, musical adventure based on YOUR suggestions! Swordplay and wordplay abound in this “Monty Python” meets “Mad-Libs” musical!

Hammer and Pick

Full Run / Showcase Pavilion
Jesse Linder and Victoria Van Arnam team up to bring you the very best in drinking songs and ballads as a fun-filled, family friendly musical duo, performing their hearts out for your delight.

Kathleen Finnigan Blackshear-Village Harpist

Full Run / On the Streets
Kathleen brings music of the past alive with the magic of the Irish harp. In ancient tradition music had the power to bring joy, sorrow, and peace, all of which Kathleen delights to share. Experience beloved music of the Celtic, ancient, and classical traditions, some familiar and some that is new again.

Harper and the Minstrel

Full Run / Phyfe & Fiddle Music Pavilion
Talented and versatile Multi-Instrumentalists Jay and Abby Michaels make up the duo The Harper and The Minstrel. Their unique sound has been influenced by celtic, medieval, renaissance, baroque, folk and rock music, which all results in a sound both unique and beautiful.

Heartstring-James O’Clair

Full Run / On the Streets
Our modern day violins’ oldest ancestors had one string and were held on or between the knees. Sometimes during the Renaissance, players adopted an alternative position of tucking the base of the instrument under the chin. James O’Clair presents a unique interpretation of the ancient one-stringed instrument he calls the “Heart String”. Listen to the haunting melodies as he plays his beautiful HAND MADE instrument.

Historical Glassworks

Full Run / Glassblowing Pavilion
The ancient art of glassblowing as demonstrated by Master glass blower Jason Klein. He has made glass for the Pirates of the Caribbean, The hobbit and the upcoming Seventh Son movies. Watch as he makes the beautiful glass art of Rome, the Middle ages, the Renaissance, or just whatever you want him to make right here at our Faire!


Full Run / Phyfe & Fiddle Music Pavilion
With a combined 60+ years of performance, Misti Bernard and Billy Miller bring a wealth of experience and musical flair to the table. They are known for rowdy reels and jigs to get the feet tapping, a jovial ballad or two, as well as sweet slow airs to bring a tear to the unwary eye. The end result is a captivating blend of Celtic and original music, a delicious concoction they fondly refer to as ‘Music Soup’: Just plain good for the soul!

IMPROVerished Players

Full Run / On the Streets
“We improvise because we are too lazy to rehearse.” The IMPROVerished Players are a raggle-taggle group of improvisational comedians who perform at renaissance festivals, community theaters, and all-you-can eat sushi bars. After spending 21 days locked in a room to work on their special brand of comedy (ok, it was really rehab), they are now ready to entertain you and the masses.

Iris & Rose

Full Run / Greathall
Naughty, bawdy comedy by singings sisters, Iris and Rose are definitely for adults only. Come prepared for comedy, singing, jokes, limericks, toasts and even a bit of juggling. You’ll laugh so hard you’ll wet yourself. We are Iris and Rose and we are “Wild and Thorny”! We are a sister duo that performs bawdy songs and suggestive verses at several different Renaissance Festivals around the country. To date we have five c.d.’s full of our bawdy and just outright sometimes distasteful songs.

Word of warning: Our material is not for children unless you let them watch Fox T.V. then it’s alright! So sit down, look around, enjoy our music and have fun!

Iron Hill Vagabonds

Full Run / Beer Garden Music Pavilion
Mark and Ehrich Gauvin rock the house with a high-energy performance of traditional favorites delivered at a break neck pace.

Ivanhoe Brass

Full Run / On the Streets
Formerly Brighton Brass, Ivanhoe Brass is “Purveyors of Fine Trumpetry” and has been performing at FLARF since 1999. Performing the hits of the 1600’s, including such composers as King Henry VIII, Thomas Morley, Thomas Weelkes, Heinrich Issac, Orlando di Lasso and more. Ivanhoe Brass can be found heralding at the front gate, the joust, the parade, the scenario and provides a grand entrance for our royalty. Director Paul Southwood-Smith, “Southwood,” has been performing with FLARF on Bass Trombone since 2000.


Full Run / At the Magic Bar
Performing magic across the country since he was a magician’s apprentice over 30 years ago. He was recently voted “Best Magician” in Milwaukee, and is currently working on imbuing inanimate objects with life. At least that’s what he tells us Ivanovich will read your mind, multiply your money, and do the impossible – all while making you laugh, shout, and keep asking, “What in the world?” Be warned – Ivanovich is Professionally Sneaky.

Kelly Academy of Irish Dance

Full Run / Checkmate Stage
The Kelly Irish Dancers, under the direction of an Coimisiun LeRince Gaelacha instructor and choreographer Caitlin Kelly, present a lively program of both traditional and contemporary Irish Dance. The Kelly Irish Dancers are winners of numerous Irish Dance Championships and are comprised of young dancers, age 5 through 19, trained at the Kelly School of Irish Dance in Ft. Lauderdale.

Masala Gypsy Dancers

Full Run / Checkmate Stage
Have you ever wanted to run away with the Gypsies? You’ll be enchanted by the beautiful Masala Gypsy Dancers…experience the mysterious East (we’re not talking New York!)…and the fiery West…all under the leadership of Joaquin, (self-appointed) King of the Gypsies. Find yourself transported by mesmerizing drum rhythms, veils, swords and the grace of Erin, the fantastic flamenco foot work of LaGreca, the encuentro stylings of Bryanna, the fire of Dominique and the bevy of beautiful Masala dancers, plus guest appearances by other characters! You never know what to expect at the Masala Gypsy camp, come join us for our 15th year of music, dance and fun!

Master Archer Bill Darr

Full Run / Lakeside Point
The King’s Royal Archers Master Will and Yeoman Neil invite you too to come see the wonders of the bow in action. Twice daily at the lakeside point, see demonstrations of shooting and learn about the history of archery.

Medieval Madness-A Drunken Revel

Full Run / Showcase Pavilion
Join the Lord Mayor and Wench Tess as they assemble a motley crew of tavern wenches, a jester, an oaf and Minstrel Dooley to present a luncheon show of songs, jokes and general madness which can only occur because the bar is right next door. It’s a rollicking good time and a great place to bring a drink and play along.

Pirate High Wire Thrill Show

Full Run / Pirate’s Cove
“Pirates of the Colombian Caribbean Aerial High Wire Thrill Show” is a spectacular production that incorporates the Sensational Murcia’s world famous High Wire act and the legendary Wheel of Destiny act all in a very unique setting. It is your typical “GOOD” pirates against the “BAD” pirates in the never-ending battle for the treasure map, however, this all takes place suspended on a thin wire cable 30 feet in the air over the top of a huge pirate ship! It is nonstop action from beginning to end and guaranteed to thrill all ages.

Play-Along Players

Full Run / On the Streets
Safety first. If you are afraid of cutpurses or coney catchers in our fair metropolis, well then fear not, for our team of village constables, Hugh and Crye are on duty to keep order and add a little mayhem of their own.

Rambling Sailors

Full Run / Beer Garden Music Pavilion
Rambling Sailors is a new effort by performers Gregg and Susan Csikos. Both successful soloists in their own right, Gregg and Susan performed for over a decade individually. Now with a combined experience of 23 years on the circuit, a repertoire of hundreds of songs, and harmonies that please the ear and lift the spirit, Rambling Sailors is on a mission to bring traditional sea music, history and stories to the stage, delivered in the style that inspired generations of sailors to go to sea.

Renaissance Vaudeville

Weeks 1-2-3 / Crown Stage
(…with Snorkel the Dancing Stunt Pig)

Comedy, Juggling, and a Trained Pig, what more could you want? Rick and Jan wow the crowds with their machete and fire juggling while Snorkel The Pig steals the show with his dancing, bowling, and hoop-jumping prowess. Be sure to attend the Meet & Greet with Snorkel after the show!

Revelers Round Dancers

Full Run / On the Streets
The sound of cheerful music and joyful frolicking means the Revelers Round dancers are near. This dedicated group of volunteer performers will surprise and delight you with historic English village dances. Clap along in time to the music, or jump on in and join them for a dance or two.

Rex Blazer-Village Minstrel

Full Run / On the Streets
Rex Blazer, who lives somewhere between Montana, Florida, Maine, and Alaska, has been energizing dancers nationwide for over 25 years. With a focus on contra and square dance fiddling, Rex is well known for his “liberal” interpretation of traditional and contemporary tunes and pop music, blending them into his own uniquely improvisational style.

Splattertime Players

Full Run / At the Mud Pit
A duo of adventurous storytellers willing to wallow in the earthier aspect of humor while adding a whole new dimension to filthy humor and “ground breaking” entertainments.

Olaf the Amazing and Sadie O’Faye

Full Run / In the Hanseatic League Encampment
Throughout the renaissance there were festivals and fairs. These entertainments varied from royal pageants for the gentry to puppet shows and juggling fools to delight the peasantry. One unique type of travelling entertainer would display feats of physical strength, flexibility or endurance. The Amazing Olaf is one of a rare breed of entertainer with a demonstration of physical abilities that most certainly ought not to be attempted at home. Impossible to describe, his is an act that must be seen to be believed. Knives, swords, a bed of nails and broken glass are no match for this unique entertainer. Found exclusively in the Hanseatic League Encampment.

Theatro Comedia

Full Run / On the Streets and on the Checkmate Stage
The village of Kegsworthy is proud to host the unexpected arrival of this travelling troupe of professional performers. Six generations of theatrical tradition, years of touring the palaces of Padua to the Beer halls of Brussels, always searching for a small theatre they can call their own. As usual, a great struggle is taking place and the contestants are those age old rivals, Art and Commerce; and art, it would appear is in its usual position of jeopardy. This Company of players has come to a desperate decision to use the last of their money to travel to this village festival in search of new audiences, old money and perhaps, Royal patronage. See these travelling players as they wander the lanes and streets of our village, performing wherever there is space and opportunity. To celebrate the 25th anniversary season of our festival, this illustrious company will produce and perform a new work by that up and coming playwright Master William Shakespeare. This troupe performs “The Tempest” once daily on the Checkmate Stage.

Thom Bedlam

Full Run / On the Streets
Never trust a pirate. Captain Thom Bedlam is landlocked awaiting repairs or another ship. Life ashore has left him bored and bursting with tomfoolery. It’s a wild array of magical mayhem, the sharing of vastly inaccurate knowledge and gregarious lessons on being a pirate. Almost learn how to counterfeit for unparalleled wealth, the possibly correct way to run someone through without spoiling the carpet, an improper application of a hook as a prosthetic, and how to be taller through lynching. It’s the most fun you’ll have this side of the Caribbean and gives you a whole new perspective for the saying “I’d rather be sailing”. Yo Ho! Not so much memorable as hilariously traumatizing.

Tortuga Twins

Weeks 4-5-6-7 / Crown Stage
Outrageously unpredictable and audaciously hilarious, these three “twins” are improvisational comedy storytellers extraordinaire-which is not an easy thing to say with a mouth full of laughter! Their special blend of stage comedy and audience participation has been labeled “Snort-milk-out-of-your-nose hilarious.” You have been warned.

Trash or Treasure

Full Run / Once Upon a Stage
Mad Maggie and the lovable Winston tell classic fairy tales as only they can. Mixed up madness, fractured fables and classic characters all played with dash and whimsy with valuable assistance from the audience.
Based in South Florida, Hopeless Romantics Entertainment specializes in interactive themed entertainment for Corporate, Private, and Special Events, as well as Fairs and Festivals throughout the United States.

Pub Crawl

Full Run / Meets at the Guest Services Pavilion just within the Front Gate
Our village tour guides from The Wandering Gypsy Theatre will take you on our most popular tour of all, the pub-crawl. These ladies know all the most interesting gossip and stories and are most willing to share it all with you.
So join Tuvia and Jilma as they escort you around to all the best bars in the village.

Wandering Gypsy Theatre

Full Run / On the Streets
Wandering Gypsy Theater renaissance-vaudeville storytelling at its best!

Washing Well Wenches

Full Run / At the Washing Well Stage
Swing by the wash pit and visit the Washing Well Wenches, where the women rule and the men drool. They’re known for more than their stunning good looks. These girls are also “I peed my pants!” funny.* Thankfully, they will wash them for you after the show. (An actual quote from living audience member.)

Caroline Williams

Full Run / XTREME Action Arena
Caroline is the 8th generation of a well-known European circus and equestrian dynasty. Born in Germany her mother Jeanette, famously recognized for her High School and Liberty work, was the only woman to have presented 24 Lipizzan Stallions at the same time.

In 1968 the entire family including Caroline’s famed uncle, Gunther Gebel-Williams, immigrated to the United States bringing along Circus Williams’ herd of 18 Asian Elephants, performing Bengal and Siberian Tigers and 32 of their prized horses. Circus Williams came to the U.S. to open the new edition of Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey Circus where they stayed for many years to entertain thousands of people. It was here where Caroline received her first training, and her performing career began at age 2.

Caroline will present two different shows each festival day, the first consists of 2 Friesian Sport Horse Stallions and 1 miniature horse working at liberty; the second consists of one Andalusian Paint Horse Dressage Riding Act.

Wonder Elixir of Life

Full Run / Showcase Pavilion and Throughout the Village
The Wonder Elixir of Life show is a classic, Renaissance-era ‘medicine show’ in the style of the Mountebanks of the Tudor Era and beyond. Drawing on many sources, and speaking in some of the smoothest fast-patter around, our characters extol the virtues of their ‘amazing elixir’ and continue to delight and entertain the audience in the meantime with small routines of ‘fortune telling’, magic, and humor.


Ferdinand II, King of Aragon

A Performer at FLARF since 2006, Adolfo Herrera is happy to return once again as King Ferdinand, bringing all the pomp, circumstance and hilarity that are the Spanish Court. Throughout the year he performs at other area fairs and shows and just recently premiered as Don Fernando in Hopeless Romantics Loose Cannons Sword Fighting Comedy Show!

Juana, Queen of Castile

Vivian Orozco has been a member of the resident acting company of the Florida Renaissance Festival for more than 15 years. She has portrayed various characters in that time, but she is best known and much loved as the daughter of our King, Princess Juana. This season she takes on the greater challenges of Queen of the Festival. Upon the death of Queen Isabella, the Princess became the Queen of Castile and ruled a unified Spain with Her Father the King of Aragon.  When not performing her royal duties, Vivian also works in the entertainment and film industry as a producer with Humaya Films.

Rodrigo Borgia, Archbishop of Valencia

Tim Fraley is another of our resident character actors with a very long history with our festival. Reliable and versatile, with a wardrobe any fashionista would envy. He performs around the country as various monarchs and portrays the character of the Rodrigo Borgia the Archbishop of Valencia in a period just before he becomes Pope Alexander VI, one of the most controversial Popes in the history of the Papacy.  He is a corrupt, drunken, manipulative rogue, and we just love that about him.

The Royal Grandmothers, Countess Juana Enriques and Countess Yolanda

These two lovely ladies were monarchs in their own times and now find themselves elder relations with little to do. They are thinking of starting their own vaudeville act and taking it on tour of the best beer halls of the civilized world. Countess Juana Enriques is the King’s mother and a constant irritant to his peaceful rule, while Countess Yolanda is the typical mother-in-law, opinionated, demanding yet loveable. Both are here to advise and support their granddaughter Juana as she takes on the burden of statecraft.

Lord Mayor Percival DeGage’

Richard Weber is celebrating his 38th year working in Renaissance Festivals throughout the country.  He owns the company MASQUERADE, a costume design company that specializes in Period Inspired costumes and specialty items for Renaissance festivals, Film & Theatre. He currently serves as King at the Chippewa Valley Faire, costume designer and actor at King Richard’s Faire in Massachusettes, owns and manages a hat shop at the Bristol Renaissance Faire in Wisconsin, maintains a production company in Chicago, advises various new companies and productions around the country. He also serves as the entertainment director for the Florida Renaissance Festival.

As Lord Mayor of the village of Kegsworthy, he considers himself sadly victimized by the incompetence of others. In truth he is not so much beloved because of his abilities, but rather tolerated with amusement in spite of his tragic shortcomings.

Wench Tess Tickle

Heidi Condon (Wench Tess Tickle) is originally from the New England area where she got her start at The North Shore Music Theatre working with greats such as Ella Fitzgerald, Linda Lavin, and Elaine Stritch.  She was the lead singer in a successful show band for many years.  She has also performed at several of the Boston professional theatres and dinner theatres such as The Medieval Manor and at King Richard’s Faire. She has written and directed this season’s newest addition to the festival’s entertainment, “Medieval Mayhem-A Drunken Revel”.

As Head Wench of the local Wench’s Union, Tess is the constant thorn in the side of the Lord Mayor. She is the voice of reason and common sense, two qualities vastly underappreciated by the Lord Mayor.

Wench Bess Sharpe

Bess is played by Su Lapadura and she has been a part of the festival since it’s beginning, first as a member of the encampment “Lady Merriwell’s” where she and her sisters would often perform dirty pub songs for the King and Queen. They were regular guest performers at the old Royal Feast. She continues her musical performances as a member of “Wyldefire” and “The Privyteers”. She joined the performing cast of the Festival many years ago and continues to be a well loved and well used character of the village.

Bess is the Royal Laundress and as such knows all the dirt (see what I did there?) and gossip on every member of the Royal Household. She also knows how to get the worst stains out of the King’s linen.

Lady Ettie

Lady Ettie, a customs authori-tea is a beloved character of taste and fashion endearing to our village and advising guests on matters of etiquette and deportment. Always ready to assist visitors to Kegsworthy on the changing trends of international fashions. Her sense of style is described as unique. Join her for Tea time with Lady Ettie or engage her on the streets of our village.

She reminds all that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Mad Maggie

Full Run On the Streets
Mad Maggie tells tales and stories about her many adventures trying to find herself. Delightful fun for the whole family and teaches the delights to be found within the pages of a book.

Ralphie the Ragpicker

Full Run On the Streets
Ralphie the Ragpicker is a beloved village character, part storyteller, part tour guide, part madman, all wrapped up in the tattered rags of his personal history.


Anger of the Mistress-Trebuchet

Encampment at the Lakeside Point
Come witness an amazing demonstration of a medieval trebuchet. A catapult used to smash castle walls or throw projectiles over them. There are demonstrations throughout the day. Encampment members are on hand to answer your questions about this unique weaponry.

Baile a Choinneail

Encampment located near the XTREME Action Arena
This encampment features all the hardworking volunteers who perform the vital function of protecting both the audience and the horses for our Joust shows. They also assist our Master Falconer and Master Archer with their demonstrations on the Lakeside Point. This dedicated troupe have been with the festival for more than 20 years and have become such a necessary element in the smooth running of these large scale spectacle shows, that they are often invited to provide Safety and Security for most of the major festivals in the Florida area.

H. M. Royal Artillery

Encampment located Lakeside near the XTREME Action Arena
H. M. Royal Artillery is freelance artillery battery that is employed by the King. Known as “Keepers of the Peace” they open the festival every morning, at his Majesty’s command, with a cannon shot. In the evening, promptly at sunset they close the faire with a small arms and cannon demonstration. As a historic reenactment group, they are dedicated to teaching and demonstrating the safe use of muzzle-loading black powder cannons and small arms. Once a day during faire, and by his Majesty’s permission, they conduct a live fire black powder mortar demonstration.

The current arsenal consists of 14 cannons and over 70 different small arms. As acknowledged black powder experts with over 110 years of combined experience with muzzle-loading weaponry of all types, one of their main endeavors is education. Stop by their encampment to learn about the fascinating history of black powder and the weapons that used it.

History of Chivalry

Encampment & Performances at the XTREME Action Arena
History of Chivalry is our living history encampment dedicated to the preservation and demonstration of the arts and skills of the warrior knight. Twice daily our members will display combat fighting with live steel. An exciting blend of adventure and danger, experience the excitement of yesteryear.

Hanseatic League

Encampment located between the Good Knight Pub Stage and the Mud Pit
The Hanseatic League is a collective of merchants and guilds buying and selling goods throughout the European continent and the Far East. Experience life in a traveling merchant caravan. We encourage guests to enter, browse and ask questions. The tents are open to display the living conditions for these merchant explorers. This encampment features cooking, dining, living and crafting areas plus various entertainments throughout the day with “The Amazing Olaf and Sadie O’Faye”.

Huginsborg Viking Trading

Encampment located…
This encampment is a place where fans and enthusiasts of the Viking culture can come and see some aspects of the period. From the frozen lands of Scandinavia and Norway, these hardy travelers are best known for exploration of the seas in magnificent long boats, a rich mythology of mighty gods and cosmic wars, and a written language based upon ancient runes. These northern warriors spread their culture throughout the known world and have a rich history of influence as they brought new ideas and unique goods to far lands. This period of Norse expansion constitutes an important element in the early medieval history of Scandinavia, the British Isles, Ireland, France and Sicily. Traditional Viking crafts and weaponry are on display and our resident Lore Master Hugo Helm Hammerhand Hidal will be available for stories, information and all things Viking.
Get your Odin on and explore the Viking experience at Huginsborg.

The Ottoman Empire

Encampment located near the Front Gate
During the 16th and 17th centuries, at the height of its power under the reign of Suleiman the Magnificent, the Ottoman Empire was a multinational, multilingual empire controlling much of Southeast Europe, parts of Central Europe, Western Asia, and North Africa. With Constantinople as its capital and control of lands around the Mediterranean basin, the Ottoman Empire was at the center of interactions between the Eastern and Western worlds for six centuries. During various conflicts throughout Europe, great capitals rose and fell often loosing great libraries and other repositories of knowledge and cultural histories, leading to the period known as “The Dark Ages”. The Ottomans held and protected the accumulated knowledge of the greater world for centuries. As Europe entered into the Renaissance the Ottoman Empire began to share the arts, sciences, and histories which they had so carefully maintained. It was through their influence that much of the cultural histories of great countries remain. The Ottomans were artists, scholars and philosophers of the highest caliber, generous with their knowledge and diplomatic with their strength.

Paladin Society

Encampment located near the Phyfe & Fiddle Stage
This special interest club from South Plantation High School caters to students who are interested in the Renaissance era. This club allows students to participate in the whole spectrum of period life from costume and armour-making to dancing and cooking. The Paladin Society is also home to Sir Elrick – Herbalist and Apothecary.

Tuatha de Donnen

Encampment located near the Hanseatic League
This encampment features continuous demonstrations in Period arts and crafts, specializing in spinning, weaving and fiber arts.